Bring Home Lulu – our Vietnam adoption

Waiting to find out who our daughter is…

About Us January 22, 2007

We first met through a local cover band. M was the singer, and T the guitarist. We fell in love quickly. We share many interests, and appreciate so many things about each other. We both enjoy computers, music, all kinds of ethnic food, and animals.
We got engaged November 29, 2003. T took M to a very fancy restaurant for a romantic dinner. It was in the middle of a major winter snowstorm and we almost didn’t make it to the restaurant. When we arrived back home, T proposed under candlelight and surrounded by what seemed like hundreds of balloons and candles.


We were married surrounded by friends and loved ones in a beautiful church. Our reception was at a location with a panaramic view of the ocean and beach. We were announced to the “Chicken Dance” and our first dance was “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” by Elvis. Our then 2.5 yr old nephew crashed our first dance and we were glad to have him join us.

T works days as an attorney and still plays in a band at night and a blackjack dealer on occasion. M is in broadcasting. We live with our cats – Harold 12, Whiskers 3, and two dogs Peanut (a chihuahua) and Monkey (a brussels griffon.)


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  1. Jim Says:

    Good Luck with your adoption. We too are adopting from Vietnam, and have received our referral. We will be traveling to Hanoi in March to pick up our daughter.

  2. Terrie Says:

    Hello, I am Terrie a mom thru the blessing of adoption. I hope the waiting time to meet your daughter goes by swiftly. Remember take lots and lots of pictures of her homeland so you have them for a nice scrapbook or something like that. I bet she is a little cutie. Congratulations. I am sure you can hardly wait to hold your child. Blessing on your journey. 🙂

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